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The latest and greatest science using earth observation data!

Welcome to my blog, Earthbound! I started this newsletter as a graduate student in Geography. I spent so much of my time reading papers and taking notes that I figured it would be great to share them with professionals outside of academia. This blog is perfect if you want to stay up to date with the latest earth observation research but don’t have the time to read through long, technical research papers. Subscribe to get emails about my newest posts.

Earthbound is a science-focused newsletter designed for academics and industry professionals in the earth observation and sustainability sector. The goal is to provide short, easy-to-read articles on the latest research, as well as tutorials on data science and statistical concepts.

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This newsletter provides summaries of the latest earth observation and climate research. Additionally, we break down different spatial concepts in geostatistics.


Priya Patel

A researcher and data scientist. I use earth observation data to understand things.